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Crothers’ Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd
A Harry Patton Exclusive Product!

Four-time World Champion Blacksmith Billy Crothers knows a thing or two about horseshoes, and with his expertise accumulated through years of experience he has developed a shoe that makes the job easier and more efficient.

His concave shoe has made the fine touches for the farrier, with the result that this ready-made product looks like it has been made from scratch—without the work!

Crothers’ Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd. products offer farriers an efficient method to shoe horses for their optimum comfort and performance. This can be accomplished when shoes give a horse the confidence that comes from a good grip on the ground--in other words, traction.

English steel concave shoes such as those made by Crothers provide maximum traction with their concave profile and depth of fullering. The hoof can sink into the ground easily due to the bevel on the inside of the ground surface which follows the concavity of the sole. When dirt packs into the fullering, it gives direct grab into the ground, and this makes the concave shoe wear longer. It also stabilizes the hoof and gives the horse a better grasp in soft, wet, dry or sandy footing.

Made from rolled concave steel sections, Crothers’ shoes allow nail holes to be pitched or angled, and they come in six dimensions and six sizing options. The maker says concave stock is best worked very hot and hit lightly.

The shoes have been a hit with many who have tried them. "Ease, efficiency, resettable. Great for hot or cold fitting. As a matter of fact, they're so user friendly, they just about drop on," says Mike De Leonardo.

"I use Billy's concave whether I'm in Minnesota or Florida, any terrain, any function,” comments Roy Williams. And Jay Sharp observes, "If I were shoeing horses today, I'd be using this shoe.”

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